Share the Credit and the Wealth

“Share the wealth” via Flickr Bruce Krasting

“Humble people share the credit and the wealth, remaining focussed and hungry to continue the journey of success.” – Rick Pitino

In recent times, our school has excitedly drawn attention for the new approaches we are taking and how we are disrupting somewhat traditional approaches. This is thrilling because it opens doors and opportunities when we are able to raise awareness for the challenges we are embracing and the changes we are implementing, but also celebrates the tireless work of our dedicated community.

More often than not it is the leader that is acknowledged for the achievements or success of an organisation, whether it be the CEO, the captain, the coach, the star player or the school principal. However, it is the work that happens in behind the face(s) of the organisation that means the change or innovation can occur.

In our school, this is certainly the case. It is inspiring to work in a community that has such dedicated team who are contributing in dynamic and valuable ways to support change and innovation. This includes leaders who are challenging models that have existed for decades, support staff who place learning at the centre and remove barriers, or our teachers who work collegially trying, failing, redesigning and trying again to provide creative and compelling learning experiences for our young people.

So a big shout out to our Middle Leaders who are challenging conventional models, our teachers leading out our new programs and courses and pursuing ongoing improvement, our IT team kicking goals by streamlining processes and supporting access to dynamic resources and our support staff who continue to raise the bar and embrace opportunities. I thank you for your commitment, your service and your willingness to move at such a fast pace of change.





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